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          Aluminium Phosphide
          56%TB pesticide registration No.: PD84121-12 
          85%PW pesticide registration No.: PD86145 
          90%TC pesticide registration No.: PD86145 
          Pesticide production license No.: Pesticide Production License (Lu) 0137
          Product standard No.: GB/T 5452-2017

          ★ China pesticide import and export enterprise 
          ★ Through ISO9001 international quality management system certification
          ★ Through ISO14001 international environmental management system certification
          ★ Shandong province famous trademark
          ★ Shandong province high-tech enterprise
          ★ Shandong province creditable enterprise
          ★ Shandong province consumer satisfied unit
          ★ Shandong province private enterprise with civilization and credit