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          Shandong Lvqiao Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a national designated pesticide manufacturer and the sentinel procurement unit of China Grain Reserves Corporation for Aluminium phosphide. It was foundeded in 1993.

          At present, the company has 90% raw aluminium phosphide, 85% aluminium phosphide powder, 56% aluminium phosphide tablets and so on.

          Aluminium phosphide       fumigation insecticide

          At present, aluminium phosphide is the most widely used storage fumigant insecticide at home and abroad, with excellent efficacy and convenient application. No residue, high effect. "Lvqiao" aluminium phosphide has been sold well at home and abroad. Products are exported to the United States, New Zealand, Brazil, Myanmar, Russia, Africa and some countries in Southeast Asia with  its stable quality and reasonable price.

          Pesticide registration certificate No.: PD86145 (85%, 90% original drug), pesticide registration 

          certificate No.:PD84121-12 (56% tablet)

          Pesticide production license No.: Pesticide Production License (Lu) 0137

          Product Standard No.: GB / T5452-2017

          Physical and chemical properties of aluminium phosphide

          The appearance of aluminium phosphide is gray-green or gray-yellow. Chemical molecular formula: ALP, molecular weight: 57.96. Heat resistant, stable in a dry state, easy to absorb moisture and decompose phosphine gas, leaving non-toxic aluminium hydroxide.

          Application of aluminium phosphide:

          This product is a highly toxic and broad-spectrum fumigant insecticide. Its appearance is gray or gray-green tablets, which is flammable when wet. It is mainly used for fumigation and killing of various warehouse pests and space pests, and can also be used for rodent control. Aluminium phosphide produces highly toxic phosphine gas after absorbing water. Phosphine enters the insect body through the insect's respiratory system, acts on the mitochondria's respiratory chain and cytochrome oxidase, inhibits the insect's normal breathing and kills the insect.

          The aluminium phosphide products produced by our company include original medicines, powders, tablets and pills. Packed with export standard aluminum bottles, aluminum tubes, tinplates, aluminum foil bags and plastic tubes.

          For details, see the technical specification and product specification table:



          56%Flat Tablets



          Aluminium phosphide content












          Powder and debris






          Dosage form: 56% tablet; 85% powder, 90% original drug or other dosage form.

          Packaging: The outer packaging is a high-quality kraft paper carton, and the inner packaging is tinplate, aluminum bottle or aluminum tube. Iron listening, aluminum foil bag or plastic tube are for civilian use.


          Tablets weight






          1.5kg/aluminium bottle*14bottles/carton

          1.0kg/ aluminium bottle *20bottles/carton

          300g/ aluminium bottle *70bottles/carton


          10flat tablets/al. tube*32tubes/tin*20tins/carton

          20flat tablets/al. tube*16tubes/tin*20tins/carton

          30flat tablets/al. tube*16tubes/tin*15tins/carton


          1.5kg/aluminium bottle*14bottles/carton

          1.0kg/ aluminium bottle *20bottles/carton


          34g/Du Pont bag*6 bags / Foil bag *16 Foil bags /Drum*2Drums/carton

          34 g/Du Pont bag*6 bags / Foil bag *80 Foil bags /Drum



          1.5kg/aluminium bottle*14bottles/carton


          Remarks:The content and package can be changed according to customer requirements.